orange crystal sound bowlSound healing is something that has been around for thousands of years with metal Tibetan singing bowls being common in many cultures and traditions. While crystal bowls have become popular in recent years, the quality of the bowls and tones is sometimes questionable with metals such as lead being added to the quartz making the bowls cheaper but also less effective.

The Alchemy crystal bowls are different in that they are made from 99.992% pure quartz crystal. This means that they have clarity in tone and purity in composition that is not found with any other type of crystal bowls currently produced in our world.

The Alchemy bowls are infused with precious gemstones, metals and minerals which enhance the properties of the bowls and the tones that they produce have vibrational properties that correspond to the chakras, energy bodies, DNA, organs and cells.

Each bowl is unique and they all have different frequencies that carry different healing properties. Due to the high degree of experimentation that takes place when creating the bowls, sometimes taking years to create a bowl, they come at a price that reflects this.

The bowls bring us into a state of deep relaxation where our brainwaves reduce to an alpha state or for some, a theta state which is when we are almost asleep but consciously aware of what is happening to us.

When we are exposed to these frequencies for 20 minutes or more we achieve a deep rest and relaxation that allows our body to heal itself and this is when we may experience intuitive guidance, clarity of thought and visions.

Many of us live busy lives so it can be difficult to quiet our minds to experience rest and relaxation for even just a few minutes.
When you experience the Alchemy Crystal bowls the sounds and tones take you beyond the mind. What that means is that your mind becomes quiet and makes space for any intuitive thoughts, guidance or visions to come through while also experiencing complete relaxation and rest.

Sound interesting? Check out our events page and see if we are hosting a sound bath near you! Want something a little more personal? We also offer 1 to 1 sessions so you can experience the Alchemy Crystal tones in an environment that is more conducive to your needs. Contact us for more information, or subscribe to our newsletter below to keep up to date on new events

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