For many people, an awakening begins when an event in their life shifts them to a high frequency for a period of time. The experience of these new feelings only lasts for a brief period due to these people not being able to balance at this new higher frequency. Unbeknownst to someone initially experiencing an awakening, the work begins once their frequency drops and they suddenly start to realise how unhappy they are living their current life and there is a deep feeling that everything is going to change.

How quickly we move along this path of change in our lives depends on how much we resist. How much we resist ourselves and how much we resist looking deeply into our own behaviours and dysfunctional patterns.

An experience of higher frequencies whether it’s through the meeting of someone new or a mystical experience, an energy healing session or even a new experience during an alchemy crystal sound bath all have the same outcome. It changes YOU. You start to remember that there is something more to life than what we are experiencing in our day to day lives.

You begin a journey to release the energetic patterns and templates that have kept you in loops your whole life up until this point where suddenly your life has been turned upside down. What you thought you were certain about, no longer seems to resonate and you begin questioning EVERYTHING.

At different points in our journey we experience new higher frequencies and as we clear enough of our energy bodies, we begin to be able to balance at higher frequencies more of the time.

When we balance at these higher frequencies or we have an experience where we shift up for a short amount of time, our intuition and inner guidance become clear to us, we have visions and we see things that give us insight into what is happening in our lives or the direction we need to head in.

Experiencing higher frequencies create a memory within you of what you are aiming towards. You no longer want to live your life as you have been up until that point. You want to experience more of the higher frequencies and so a journey begins to reach those higher frequencies and live your life from that new energetic frequency where you are clear on what you want in your life and inspiration and creativity is abundant within you.

Energy healing, meditation and sound healing are just some of the ways you can experience higher frequencies for a period of time long enough for you to gain some clarity, insight and receive intuitive thoughts. Initially for some people, experiencing higher frequencies may mean an hour of deep rest and relaxation, even sleeping. This is so important at the beginning of an awakening because your body is being given a chance to take a break and rejuvenate itself in a way that you may have never thought was possible up until that point. Your physical body and all of your energy bodies have to make adjustments for you to be able to hold more light and balance at higher frequencies. As you experience more meditation and proper rest, you allow these change to take place within you and you begin to have the energy to make the changes you need to so that you can live a life filled with purpose, clarity and creativity.

Experiencing higher frequencies is the catalyst to achieving inner peace and harmony within. Once you learn to balance at higher frequencies, you have the ability to drop into your creativity and intuition with ease.

You become empowered, dependent on your own ability to make decisions in your life and a fully fledged co-creator full of inspiration creating a life you love.

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