Alchemy crystal bowlWe are currently super busy and EXCITED getting ready for our first events taking place 8th and 9th July in Walthamstow, London E17 and Colchester, Essex.

We picked up some of our new crystal beings last week and we’ve spent the last few days connecting with them and playing the bowls, sometimes for hours on end.

We both feel so passionate about the bowls and their ability to help people to learn to quiet their minds and reach deep states of relaxation. The reason is quite simply because of the experiences we have both had and are having all the time with the bowls. They are absolutely amazing and I think you only realise their power when you have the experience of lying down and letting the bowls take over.

A minimum of twenty minutes of lying down and listening to the bowls is all it takes to achieve a deep restful state and our aim is to help everyone that comes to our sound baths achieve this.

We live in a chaotic world where fast paced busy lives are the norm. People no longer know what it is like to feel rested or to find peace within their busy mind even for a few minutes.

Something so simple as having a few moments of quiet reflection in a meditative state is a foreign concept to the majority of people but yet, to live a healthy and balanced life, it is something that cannot be ignored.
We have one simple aim for our upcoming sound baths and one to one sessions, and that is to provide you with an hour of complete RELAXATION!

So, whatever is going on in your life, no matter how busy you may be, if meditation is a foreign and seemingly unachievable concept to you right now, if you are stressed, anxious and your mind is full of noise ALL of the time then we are here to help!

A sound bath with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls or if you prefer something more private, a one to one session with us will restore, transform and rejuvenate you leaving you feeling relaxed and rested in a way you may never have experienced before.

Contact us for more information about our events and one to one sessions, or click below to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to hear of new events.


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