ES BowlFor many people, living and working in cities means that there is not much time to be in nature. Life is so busy and chaotic that people don’t even think about how their lives are being affected by not having a continual connection to nature.

For those of you that live or have lived for long periods of time in the countryside, you may be more aware of how living in a city affects every cell of your being.

Cities are loud, there are lots of people moving and living life at a very fast pace. There is no time to stop or get a moments peace.
As a result of this fast-paced life, so many people are now stressed out, anxious, feeling depressed and unsure of why or what is causing all of these unpleasant feelings.

Part of the reason for these feelings is their disconnection from nature. Having lived in both rural countryside and cities, the difference for me, in how you feel when immersed in nature to when you are living in an intrusive, loud city are glaringly obvious.
In a city, all of the concrete and people mean that unless you make a conscious effort to do activities that recharge your energy like meditation or walking in a park, you can become very depleted over time and that’s when people burn out and become sick.

Living in the countryside means that your energy is constantly being recharged just by there simply being more greenery and less noise.

Not living in a city just isn’t an option for many people right now, and so we wanted to do something to ease the pressures of modern day living and give people a chance to experience rest and relaxation.

Evolutionary Sound was birthed out of a desire to bring nature to people who may never have experienced the peace of living in the countryside. The Alchemy Crystal bowls bring nature with them everywhere they go with their peaceful tones and vibrations that allow you to find inner peace and harmony in a world that is increasingly becoming more chaotic, busier and faster paced.

The bowls allow you to experience an hour of deep rest and relaxation that might normally only be available to people who live in the countryside and definitely not for city based people.

Are you one of those people that is living a hectic life in the city? Maybe you are someone that likes the countryside and understands the benefits of recharging your cells and energy?

Come and join us for a sound bath and see how your experience of rest and relaxation impacts every area of your life!

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